Client Case Study: “Remembering”

Lisa came to Emma complaining of on-going memory problems following a traumatic brain injury sustained some 10 years ago. Lisa said that she couldn’t work out why she seemed to remember some things but not others and she felt it was affecting her work and her social life.

After talking to Lisa on the telephone, Emma visited her at her home
and together they completed the RBMT. This took just under an hour
to complete and Lisa described the process as having been
good fun. Emma took the results away and after completing the
scoring and analysis was able to see that Lisa was scoring
particularly low in subtests which focused on procedural and
prospective memory tests but within ‘normal’ ranges for
remembering visual and verbal material and remembering
routes. This tied in with the difficulties that Lisa had reported—she
explained that she was always forgetting to ring people, collect her
belongings or attend appointments and felt that she wasn’t retaining
new information, but she was able to navigate around new towns/places,
she remembered meeting people, but not always their names, and
she remembered news articles and stories that people told her, but not
always in the right order.

Between them, Emma and Lisa unpicked Lisa’s memory problems
and worked out where her strengths and weaknesses lay so that
she could use the stronger areas of her memory to compensate
for the weaker ones.