Client Case Study: “Learning”

Helen sustained a brain injury and due to the difficulties she was experiencing, felt she was no longer able to return to her previous job as a secretary in a busy law firm. She was referred to Emma for an assessment to look at whether she had enough skills to cope with starting a college course.

Emma talked to Helen about the specific things
she found difficult and asked Helen to complete
the LOTCA assessment battery which provides a
general overview but also, usefully, a specific
component focuses on the ability to learn new skills.

Helen’s scores were, as expected, pretty variable across all the
sub tests but did indicate that if the information was presented
to Helen using the correct medium and if Helen employed some
key strategies, she should be able to learn new information and
carry the learning over into practical tasks.

Emma worked closely with Helen and her Support Worker and
liaised with her college tutor to ensure that all possible
resources were employed to help Helen achieve her potential.