Client Case Study: “Dressing”

Peter sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury and after a period of hospital-based rehabilitation was transferred to a residential unit. He was unable to walk or care for himself.

Emma used her first few sessions to assess Peter’s ability to move all
of his limbs and to use this movement purposefully—to control his
movements. During these sessions she built up trust so that Peter
felt comfortable allowing her to observe his personal care routine.
Observation of his morning showering and dressing routine
quickly identified that Peter was not using the movements that
he had and that with a few minor changes, he would be able to
do a lot more for himself.

By working closely with the care team, Emma devised a graded
programme which eventually led to Peter being able to shower
himself independently once everything was set up and within reach.
He will always require assistance dressing his lower body but is able
to dress his upper body, clean his teeth and shave independently.
Peter is able to retain much of his dignity now.

Another client, Maria, struggled to fasten items of clothing due to arthritis in
both of her hands. Emma provided a simple ‘button hook’ gadget which
enables Maria to manage most buttons independently. Emma also adjusted
some clothes items, replacing difficult fastenings with Velcro to enable Maria
to manage. Maria now understands which fastenings are easier for her to
manage and tends to shop accordingly.