About Emma Merriman

Emma Merriman qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1995 with the University of Liverpool. Since qualifying, Emma has gained in depth experience in a variety of settings, working with adolescents and adults with complex neurological problems and with a particular interest in Brain Injury.

Emma has worked with well over a hundred clients and families from the acute stages of brain injury right through to community rehabilitation, which means she has a thorough awareness of all of the many different stages and processes people have to go through.

Emma has a wealth of experience dealing with particularly challenging cognitively impaired clients and has proved able to competently and confidently guide families and rehab teams through the complicated rehabilitation process.

She has worked with children going through the schooling process, adolescents going through Colleges and Universities and adults returning to employment. She has experience in setting up and managing complicated Care Packages ranging from a few hours a week to 24/7 and using both Care Agencies and Direct Employment.

Having worked in Brain Injury for over 15 years, she has an excellent awareness of services available for clients and how to access them, together with many contacts in the Brain Injury world.

Emma is empathetic and extremely reassuring with families, using her vast knowledge of brain injury to help educate and advise ensuring that key information is given at the right time, to the right people using the right format. She is down to earth, relaxed and informal with her clients frequently using humour to aid communication and rapport.

Professional experience

Over the past seventeen years, Emma has gained extensive experience, including:

  • a senior role in Brain Injury Rehabilitation in the Bath Head Injury Unit
  • Brain Injury and Neurological Rehabilitation locum positions in the Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability, Putney; The Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford,Nobles Hospital, Isle of Man and the Queen Elizabeth Foundation, Banstead
  • a senior role with Bristol Community Rehabilitation Service, developing and co-ordinating a complex competency training scheme
  • Senior Case Manager at Bush & Company Rehabilitation

Emma’s work has included undertaking complex needs assessments, writing appropriate reports and liaison with medical and legal professionals and family members. She has experience of working under the guidance of The Code of Best Practice in Rehabilitation and to the Standards of Practice as recommended by CMSUK and BABICM.

For full details of Emma’s professional experience please visit her LinkedIn page.

Professional memberships

Emma is a member of the following organisations: British Association of Occupational Therapists; Specialist Section for Neurological Practice; Specialist Section for Independent Practitioners; Brain Injury Social Work Group; Case Management Society UK and British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (Advanced status).

Emma strongly believes in the importance of continued professional development and to this end ensures that she regularly attends conferences and clinical training courses. She has completed her AMPS (Assessment of Motor Processing Skills) training and has received accreditation and calibration.

About Emma Merriman Rehabilitation Ltd

Recognising a need for members of the public to be able to access standardised assessments and to receive high quality rehabilitation in their own home, Emma set up EMR Ltd in 2011 and combines this work alongside case management and expert witness commitments.