Client Case Study: “Driving”

Liz had what her doctor termed a ‘mini-stroke’ whilst on holiday in Spain. Although she had seemingly made a full recovery, Liz had lost a great deal of confidence and was fearful about driving. Her GP had said she was okay to drive but Liz wanted a little more re-assurance.

She completed the Rookwood Driving Assessment with Emma, which
indicated that she was indeed safe to drive and gave Liz the confidence
she needed to get back in the driver’s seat.

Another client, Colin, came to Emma with his wife
asking for an assessment regarding his safety to drive.
Colin thought he was fine to drive after having had a small
bump on the head but his wife felt his driving had changed.

Following completion of the Rookwood Assessment Battery,
it was clear to all that Colin was in fact experiencing
significant problems with perception, meaning that his
brain was interpreting what he was seeing inaccurately
and therefore feeding him incorrect information. Colin
was upset but pleased that this had been highlighted
before any harm had been done. He notified the
DVLA and chose not to drive again.