Client Case Study:
“Planning, Organising and Prioritising”

Kevin received what Doctors term a mild brain injury following a fall at home; despite not having to be admitted to hospital, he found that over time he was struggling to successfully conduct the ‘thinking’ type functions that he had previously done with ease.

He found that he couldn’t understand the ‘business jargon’ in letters he was receiving. He was unable to work out which tasks were important and which were less so and he couldn’t work out what steps were required in order to achieve simple end results. He found himself shying away from strangers because he struggled to keep up with conversation.

Emma completed the Behavioural Assessment
of Dysexecutive Syndrome
with Kevin. He scored
within the borderline range showing particular
difficulty with tasks requiring him to plan and
organise his behaviour and keep track of task

There was also evidence of impulsiveness and lack of
planning or care with no attention to detail. He had more
difficulty completing tasks where there was no structure
provided. Some elements of problem solving and strategy
development appeared to be intact and he also managed
to follow stepped instructions successfully.

Emma worked with Kevin on using the information gleaned
during the assessment to devise useful strategies to use on
a daily basis which helped Kevin manage his life
more effectively.